We are protected by the first amendment we have freedom of speech!

We are protected by the first amendment as people and citizens of this great county, most of all this amendment was solely for the purpose of American Citizen’s putting the government and other people for slander in their place. Yesterday I have witness the strongest case of freedom of speech. What would u do if knew that a certain celebrity was on trial for abusing a certain girlfriend and yet you have witness the abuse by the so called victim who was actually the abuser. She has a right to leak out that information and possibly help someone. It is not juicy gossip it is just something that she witness and it shows an evil side of the victim and that is wrong. And as far as everyone saying I should mind my business then why are u on twitter. We our fans of the celebrity, writers, and actors, and actresses if it wasn’t for use there would be no money or celebrity for u to embrace. So I don’t need to check myself at all. I am obligated as vlogger to spill the beans and if it wrong on the part of a certain celebrity then I am obligated to called her out. For two straight hours I have seen a person’s name get slater and hack into like a peace of meat, without folks getting to the truth of the matter and that is wack. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7rVpmIJTJo


Watching every move and step I make

Today was a strange experience for me because lately I have been eating and drinking alot of potassium, so every now and then I have to do the poo poo. So yes I went to a clean public bathroom but tell me why someone put glue on the toliet seat and had my coochie hairs sticking together. So everytime I would be walking it would be unbarebly. So today I saw the star trek movie and it was amazing the best I am really a fan of Star Trex enterprise when it was new on channel 11. But this movie was funny and amazing and interesting from start to finish. Sylar did a great job lol I mean spot did a great job. Next week I will be seeing Angels and Demons and I can’t wait for the new sequel to twilight. right now this is all I want to share so good night.

Strange things creep in the night

Last night of May 06, 2009, the rain was beating across the window panes and falling on the roof like small ice rocks. But as our family alive in bed last night we begun to hear some footsteps creeping up the steps and I even heard them in my little nieces’ room. I lied in bed wide awake and conscious of footsteps near the open closet that place my shoes, clothes, toys and dumbbells that was at least 15 pounds apiece. I yelled aloud to my sister because it was so mysterious and strange that invisible intruders could have possibly been in our home. Last night I scrubbed my sister’s bedroom down to the core and later this night I shall scrub behind the electric stove. I yelp and my sister said “go see what it was or who it was”, this startled me because we were the only occupants of the house without any guest to depose of. So as my sister opened the door, after cutting on the lights, and as her bedroom door shut and I laid and look out in the darkness I could not fathom what it was that were approaching in our bedrooms and homes, and why creep towards us.

I have no enemies not that I could name that would want to creep us out. But I have asked everyone for forgiveness for every sinful deed that I could have done that may harm someone in the past. A creepy and unawareness that humans have in their abilities not able to see anything. Lately I have been angry and mad at someone one that I met in a mall and I don’t know why I am always consciously violent towards her for no certain reason. It seems every time I see their faces in my mind I began to scream, cry and bitter past memories began to entered my mind but of no avail of whether tis is true or not.

But shall not I pray to the heavens for peace and understanding to protect us from everything unseen and mysterious and reckoning. I only asked of peace and understanding hoping that they or whomever will understand that we care not to harm anyone but just want some peace and a good nights sleep.